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Japanese Fundraising Day



We held a Japanese Day to raise money for the Tsunami appeal. Parents organised the day for us and some Japanese friends came in to help. Everybody participated in the following activities:

  • Having our names written in Japanese on a special name card
  • Origami - the Japanese art of paper folding. Older children made 'kabuto',a Samurai helmet and the younger ones made cats and dogs
  • Throwing the shuriken - throwing ninja stars onto a target to score points
  • Chopstick competition - children tried their hands at using chopsticks to move marshmallows from one bowl into another. The older children had smaller sweets and were even timed to find the fastest chopstick champion.
  • Dressingup - all children enjoyed dressing up in yukata, Japanese lightweight Summer gowns.

Look at the photos to see some of the activities.