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‘Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.’


Kamishibai is a form of story telling that originated in Japan in the 12th century. Most Kamishibai stories consist of 12 or 16 large picture cards. On the back of each card is the English translation of the story, with the original Japanese written beside it.

Years 4 and 5 borrowed some Kamishibai stories to look at from the Japanese Society and then used the ideas to make up Kamishibai of their own. They decided to use poetry for the stories and performed each one to younger children in the school. They even had a real Kamishibai stage !


Please enjoy one of our Kamishibai performances:

If you enjoyed watching and listening to this story, you can watch more on our Japanese club blog.

Children worked in groups on each Kamishibai, working together on the different pages, combining together Art work and text. Here are some photos of the work in action!

At the end of the project we asked the children what they thought about it. Here are their views:


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