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Anti-Bullying Charter


As a school we have been working hard on our Anti-Bullying Charter - please see below.

Bullying in ANY form is unacceptable – it has to stop.


Bullying is:

  • Deliberately hurtful or upsetting behaviour
  • Usually repeated, often over a period of time but is sometimes an isolated incident
  • Behaviour that makes it difficult for those being bullied to defend themselves

Bullying can take many forms:

  • PHYSICAL - hitting, kicking, pushing, taking belongings
  • VERBAL - name calling, sarcasm, insulting remarks, racist remarks, teasing, spreading rumours
  • EMOTIONAL - excluding, ridiculing, humiliating

The effects of bullying:

As well as the children directly involved, bullying can affect:

  • parents
  • other children and their parents
  • the class teacher and other staff in school

It is important that you or your parents contact your class teacher, Mrs Phelps or Mrs Gittens quickly if a concern arises.