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Bitterley C of E  Primary School

Tenbury C of E Primary Academy

'Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.'

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Worship Crew!

We have a Worship Crew made up of children from Y3 - Y6 who meet regularly and help plan, lead and suggest ideas for our daily acts of worship. We had so many children who wanted to be on this committee that we have had to change the membership each term, so that everyone has a turn! Every half term, we go on a 'Worship Walk' around our school, looking for good ideas in the quiet reflection areas in each classroom. We also have Worship Crew members in Reception - Y2 who help their class get ready for class worship each week.


We have our own 'Worship Wall' in the hall where everybody can contribute ideas for us to discuss and tell us what makes a good act of worship, which ones they've especially enjoyed and why, and how we can make our acts of worship even better. We are also making a school prayer book where children can write their own prayers and sometimes they will be selected to read them out. We have a pair of special wooden hands too, where children can 'put in' their suggestions for a favourite hymn they would like us all to sing. We help to decide which hymns and songs we want to sing in our 'Open The Book' worship and also at our church services. Throughout the year, we are looking for examples of our Christian value each term in action - watch out for the I-pad and your photo on the worship board!


Last year, we had to do worship in class bubbles. We have been recording it in our Wonderful Worship Book! We are so pleased that we are able to hold whole-school worship again now and everyone can sing together again!






Do you have what it takes to be in Worship Crew?

Have you filled someone's bucket today?


Barnabas the Bucket Filler 
We have been reflecting upon the life of St Barnabas, whose Saints day is Friday 11th June. Using the book,  ‘Have you filled a bucket today?’ by Carol McCloud, with a magical surprise we explore Barnabas’ life and learn to follow our school motto ‘Encourage one another and build each other up’ 1 Thessalonians 5:11.