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‘Therefore encourage one another and build each other up.’

Homework Heroes


Homework is given on a regular basis to all children and increases as they move into Key Stage 2.

In September 2014 we started a new system for topic - related homework called ‘Homework Heroes,’ which we believe will be beneficial to all of the children for the following reasons:

  • Children have a choice of activities & are encouraged to work independently, taking responsibility for their learning & using their own initiative at home
  • Activities are linked to topic work, providing extended opportunities to cover a range of interests, developing work beyond the classroom
  • Parents can be more informed and involved in their child’s learning
  • All homework completed will have a real purpose and hopefully will add to a child’s enthusiasm for the topic. It will be valued and shared with everyone in the class.


How does Homework Heroes work?

At the start of a topic children are given a number of activities, depending on their age, usually under the following headings: design and make it, research and present it, cook it, write it, create it.

As children complete each activity it is brought into school and shared in class. Points are awarded for each activity completed and children can earn award cards.

In addition to this, the main homework in Key Stage 1 is reading and spellings. We try to foster a love of books from an early age and you as parents / carers play an important role in listening to your child read on a regular basis at home. Every child has a reading diary in which they can record the books they read and this is an important link between home and school.

In Key Stage 2 reading continues to play an important part of homework and reading to someone at home on a regular basis can still make a big difference to a child’s success – questioning your child, encouraging them to think beyond the literal and express an opinion about the text are all vital skills. Spellings and tables may also form part of homework and year 6 pupils are all provided with SAT revision books at the February parents evening, which are then used extensively in the run up to SAT’s.