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Being an Historian at Tenbury CE Primary Academy


At Tenbury Primary Academy, History lessons help our pupils to build a strong understanding of past events, as well as inspiring our children’s curiosity to know more about the past. We aim to develop children’s critical thinking and a sense of perspective which will support their learning across the curriculum. We encourage the use of cross curricular links, encompassing the use of subjects such as technology, art, and maths as well as allowing opportunities to develop our literacy skills.


Through History lessons at Tenbury Primary, children will develop an understanding of the past, which will help them to shape their future. Children will recognise what makes a responsible citizen, understand how society has changed and this well help them to understand others and the changing world around them.


- Mrs J. Reeves (Tenbury Primary Academy History Lead)





The History curriculum at Tenbury is structured around key strands that run through the key stages: historical enquiry, chronological understanding and understanding of events, people and changes in the past including local history. The aim is to revisit and build on these strands to help children put their learning into context and foster ‘remembering’ in History. Many of these strands have overlapping elements which help children to make wider links across the subject. 


In KS1 we cover:

  • The History of Flight
  • The Victorians
  • The Olympics
  • Castles (including a local study of Ludlow castle)
  • Pioneers - a study of those who have shaped history eg. Neil Armstrong
  • World War 2
  • The Great Fire of London
  • Queen Victoria and Queen Elizabeth 1


In KS2 we cover:

  • Changes in Britain from the Stone Age to the Iron Age
  • Ancient Egypt
  • The History of Transport
  • British Monarchs from 1066
  • The Roman Empire
  • The History of Crime and Punishment
  • Ancient Mayans
  • Anglo saxons
  • The History of Walls and Barricades eg. Great Wall of China
  • Vikings
  • The Suffragettes and other key figures who changed society

Did you also know that we live in a fantastic place for exploring as historians?

History is all around us! Check out some of these local places to visit!